What den should I be in?

Den meetings are at 6:30PM at the Lodge [3737 Libery Rd S]

Kindergarten - Lions 1st Thursday

First Grade - Tigers 1st Thursday & 4th Monday

Second Grade - Wolves 2nd & 4th Thursday

Third Grade - Bears  2nd & 4th Tuesday

Fourth Grade - Webelos 1st & 3rd Monday

Fifth Grade - Arrow of Light 


Contact Pack 122 Committee Chair, Carole Astley, for more information on Pack and Den meetings: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (503) 705-8694 




Leader - Cynthia and Mikey Lauritsen


Leader - Wayne Lau

Tiger Requirements

Earning Tiger Rank


Leader - Kevin Kalb

Wolf Requirements

Earning Wolf Rank



Leader - Regina Vander

Bear Requirements

Earning Bear Rank



Leader -  Greg Astley

Webelos Requirements

Earning Webelos Rank

Webelos Uniform

 Arrow of Light

Arrow of Light

Leader - Adam O'Dell

Arrow of Light Requirements

Earning Arrow of Light Rank


2015 changes to the Cub Scout advancement is detailed here.